Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simone Teelen

Thank you for everything.


  1. Simone, we will never forget you, your kindness, your enthusiasm and your joy of life! It was a great honour for us to be your friend!
    -Christine & Kathi

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  3. Simone,

    We flew together once to Martha's Vineyard and I always hoped we'd get to talk about that again. Sometimes life is not fair and takes our dearest friends from us. May your beautiful soul forever rest in peace.

  4. Simone,
    as always you didnt want anyone to worry about you.

    We will always remember the 12 year old sparrow ringing to say she had got off the bus too early..and brining your parents all the way to Colmar.
    We are so proud to have know you and been so gracious to be Simon's godmother. God bless you.

    Laurie Janet Simon Olivia...

  5. p.s. could someone pass our condolenses to her parents please as we dont speak German. Is there an obituary?