Saturday, July 18, 2009

I suppose I should tell you why we're here. We're collecting data on primate and other mammal density in this mosaic forest, with mature and replanted compartments. Two students are here - one is collecting dung from elephants and chimpanzees to examine genetic variation between populations inside and outside Kibale Park, and the other is collecting behavioral data and urine from gray-cheeked mangabeys, to examine stress differences between this site and the less disturbed site of Ngogo. I am conducting primate censuses on three 4.5km transects, counting the mammals I encounter. We have also placed a new chimpanzee nest transect near the border of the park, to monitor chimpanzee movements and potential crop raiding correlations. A lot going on, but we are having fun.

Song of the day: Secret World (Live), Peter Gabriel

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